2018 - 2023

Livata is called the mountain of Rome. A place of second homes handed down from generation to generation, born in the 1960s and an expression of Italian architecture that takes up the lesson of American chalets. An international breath inhabiting what was for many a holiday resort, a place where the concept of the Italian villeggiatura took place, initially in great demand but then abandoned due to lack of snow and the greater accessibility of more exotic destinations.

Sofia Podestà's shots restore, through unprecedented points of view, the nostalgic dimension not only of a location, but also of a type of holiday that is perhaps obsolete, something of past societies and values, yet rediscovered thanks to the growing need to escape from the increasingly chaotic and alienating city. It is precisely this need and desire to get away, even if only for a weekend, that brings people back to the 'mountains behind the house', a treasure chest of lives, experiences, games, smiles and skinned knees put away and forgotten.

Text by Marta Spanò

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