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Sofia Podestà is a photographer based in Rome, Italy. She graduated at the Art History faculty of the University of Roma Tre in 2018, with a thesis on the photography of Luigi Ghirri, Guido Guidi and Vittore Fossati. She studied photography through the filter of Art History to have a more cross-sectional vision.
In 2018 she was selected to attend the Summer School by SISF and the Advanced training at MAXXI museum  in Rome.
She received in 2019 the award GIOVANI CREATIVI, for the category of photography, as one of the best twelve Italian creative talents under 30. At the moment she also works for a contemporary art gallery in Rome.
Sofia's works are mostly focused on the measurement of the relationship between the human and the landscape and how they interact with each other.

Represented in Rome by RvB Arts

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